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"The regions largest independent clinical trials organization"


Our Philosophy


Our practice philosophy is an extension of the philosophy of life that we share. We are determined to play a part in the advancement in developing medication that can one day make a difference to people who suffer from various medical conditions. Our attention to detail, and willingness to listen to our patients is the key to our success. We partner with Pharmaceutical Companies and are strictly regulated and overseen by the Federal Drug Administration.

We strive to treat all people with dignity and fairness and do the best we can to provide the best medical attention we have to offer. We have been blessed with a great staff and countless opportunities to be of service to our patients and to our community. Our new-found focus is to spread the word about clinical trials throughout Sacramento and the surrounding communities and to reach out to people who can benefit from the health management while receiving answers about their medical conditions. For this, we now offer the majority of our studies in Spanish as well as English.

Under the medical direction of noted physician, Douglas Young, M.D., our organization features the expertise of six clinical research coordinators and 11 collaborating board certified physicians with a combination of over 40 years of research experience.



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